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“Thank you for checking in and for your good wishes.  The move went well and we are happy here.  Thank you for all your help.   We wouldn’t have been able to do it without Elissa and you.  Best wishes for a Happy Thanksgiving..”
-- Richard W., November 2021


“Buzz Birnbaum and Elissa Rogovin were the Hammond listing brokers for the home owned by my wife and me on West Newton Hill that was sold in July 2019. We were very pleased with the professional services rendered by Buzz and Elissa. These brokers had been recommended to us by a friend who is a real estate attorney.

“After living in our Newton home for 33 years, we decided to sell and move to a smaller home on the North Shore. We closed on our new house in October, 2018, months before expected. Time was of the essence, in order to maximize the attractiveness of the Newton property for the spring market. In addition to recommending a listing price, Elissa and Buzz met with us on many occasions. Their business contacts in the community were particularly responsive to our needs as they have an on-going referral network with these brokers. For example, they recommended a painting and carpentry contractor who worked with us and these brokers to have work on the house completed as soon as weather conditions allowed. As we had moved out well before the closing date, Elissa kindly took the lead in communicating with our alarm company and the fire department to obtain the fire certificate required for the closing. Unlike another broker we had interviewed, Elissa and Buzz were not overbearing when giving recommendations regarding decluttering or the need for staging. 

“Selling one's home is a stressful process. It is a pleasure recommending Elissa and Buzz, as we were pleased with the sale price and highly professional services that Elissa and Buzz provided throughout the listing process.”

--Chris K., September 2019

"I sold my home of 45 years with the extraordinary help of Buzz and Elissa. They were professional in every sense of the word, providing me with expert advice, help and guidance. More importantly they provided the support and respect of this life-changing event. I can not recommend them with greater enthusiasm, they were terrific.”

-- Sydra S., September 2019

“Alessandra and I would like to express our gratitude to both of you for helping us in this selling! We believe you achieved a great result! 

“All this process has not been easy for us, and your help really made the difference. You did a terrific job with all the visits, and we would have never been able to reach any agreement with these buyers if you were not standing by us!”

-- Alessandra and Lillo B., August 2018

"Michael and I want to thank you for all you did to make the sale of our home proceed so quickly and smoothly.  You were just fabulous and we can’t thank you enough.  We’ve already recommended you to our former next door neighbor who plans to sell at some point soon.”

--Malva and Michael D., April 2014

"Beth and I extend our sincere thanks to you both for your splendid assistance and support to us during our home transition. Both transactions went extremely well due to your competence, recommendations and light touch. We really appreciate it very much."

-- Beth and Gerry T., December 2013

“As we settle into our new place – in life and living quarters – we owe you many thanks for your great help in the transition. From our first meeting you gave us the information and the support we needed for that most important step of selling our house. We are thankful for your guidance in all steps of the preparation, marketing and sale, and were impressed with the energy and focus you invested in it. Largely because of that, the timing worked out miraculously well. Many thanks to Sarah for her support as well.”

-- David and Carol, June 2012

“I think the ‘Thanks’ actually go to you guys for the right pricing, staging and marketing.. and I am so grateful for all the things you did to correct the electrical stuff, fix the trees, etc. So thanks!”

-- Joyce R., September 2011

“Woo hoo!
“You and Buzz rock, Margie!
“Thank you so, so much.”

-- Chris and Angela, June 2010

“Congratulations to you for your awesome team work in orchestrating the sale of our house on Centre Street in Newton and the purchase of our new home at The Gables. It would not have happened without patience, hard work, good sportsmanship, and sincerity as well. You are also amazing human beings. I promise you a drink or two, a wonderful dinner – hopefully in our backyard, and a heartfelt commitment to sing your praises to all our friends far and wide.”

-- Deane & Doug, April 2010

“It’s hard to fully accept that it has actually, finally transpired. We haven’t felt this kind of disbelief in good news since the 2004 World Series!

“And we could NOT have down it without you. Know that even though we definitely did not see all you did to make this deal come together, we know that you put more effort into this project then we could have expected and we deeply appreciate it all!

“Thanks for sticking with us, being patient with us, and keeping us hopeful that it would all work out in the end.”

-- Mary and Doug, 2010

“I just wanted to thank you for all your wonderful work in selling our home in Watertown. It is a tough market these days and I appreciated the patience and persistence and skill in all your efforts. And of course you are both unbelievably pleasant to work with on top of it! You both have a basic decency which is unfortunately not all that common these days. I hope you have a successful and enjoyable rest of the year both with business and with your ‘grandparenting!’

“All the best and again many thanks!”

-- Frank, September 2006